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From: Mr Gerry Mccallum   On: 27/03/2016


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Result :RBIS


JD: 1st Cund’s CHELMBULL ON A MISSION. 15 months old dog shown in excellent condition. Fully marked and first impression is immediately masculine. Determined and focussed in temperament. Square in appearance. Head type essentially square. Very nice in profile. Ears set well and carried erect. Eyes well placed and although I would prefer them slightly larger he has good expression. Mouth excellent. Nostrils wide open. Muzzle is ideal length. Could use slightly more width here, but this will come with time. Well arched neck leading into sound shoulders. Ideal length of leg leading to tidy feet. Topline very good. Body absolutely square and everything in proportion. Tail set and carried correctly. Rear end well angulated. A very sound and free mover. Pleased to award him Best dog and RBIS.